Caregiver talks about her father in nursing home and current state mandates


MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT)- Some states, like Florida and Indiana, are starting to let visitors back into nursing homes if they’re an essential caregiver after passing new mandates.

Many homes in Kansas though still have strict rules on who can come in and out.

A local woman from Manhattan said she wishes she could be there for her father, who is in a home.

“I wish I could have my dad back that I knew six months ago when I saw him last,” Ann Hart said, a caregiver and daughter.

She said it’s the small things she misses the most. Things like playing cards or talking about music, but the hardest part is watching him be lonely since they can’t interact with others because of health concerns.

“I was the person who would come in and I’d shave my father. I can’t do that now, so I would have that designation as an essential caregiver where I could come in and supplement the caregiving that he’s been getting from his retirement community. And also be his daughter,” said Harts.

Harts does realize the communities are working hard to protect the residents by having strict guidelines. Just like “Via Christi” in Manhattan, who doesn’t allow visitors in at all right now.

“Our main objective is to keep our residents safe, but we do look at the well-being overall with our residents on how we can still make living here a happy place and happy times for them,” said Michael Fuchs, the administrators of Via Christi.

Places like Via Christi are waiting on the state to give them permission on letting people in. Harts said she hopes Kansas models what other states have done with the essential caregiver plans soon.

“I think that would be really important for our state to do. That way one person can me designated as an essential caregiver,” said Harts.

Some nursing homes are currently offering window visits with family members.

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