Child therapist explains how parents can get students to wear masks in school


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – In under a month, school will be back in session and kids will be expected to wear a mask for an 8 hour school day.

Peggy Keller and Alyssa Davis work at PK Therapy, a local occupational therapy office that works with children and sensory needs.

Their latest obstacle is helping parents who are worried about if their child will keep their mask on all day and not play with it. So they want to share some things with everyone that you can do now to make your child more comfortable with a mask.

They said to start building up the amount of time your student wears a mask, this will help them get ready for a full school day.

“Fifteen or 20 minutes a day when they are on screen time, if they are watching a YouTube video or small TV show and building up that tolerance throughout the day will be a huge benefit,” Davis said.

They said working with your child to come up with a routine to be ready for school. It could mean giving them a small reward every time they wear a mask or you could even challenge your child to see if they’re able to wear it longer the next day and make a game out of it.

But it’s also important to find a mask your student likes.

“You’re going to want to play with those fabrics and how they go on to see what your child tolerates the best,” Keller said.

They said to explain to your child why they are wearing a mask and not just tell them they have to wear a mask.

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