Companies offering discounts on stress relief, sleep apps


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Sleep Cycle and other stress-relief apps are offering free and reduced prices during the spread of coronavirus.

“These are troubling, stressful times,” said Carl Johan Hederoth, CEO of Sleep Cycle. “Sleep is critical to good psychological health, and we want to do everything we can to help people get enough quality sleep as they try to manage the demands of this moment.”

On average, users of the app have been going to bed 16 minutes later, and waking up 30 minutes later, according to data gathered by Sleep Cycle. Sleep scientist Frida Rangtell said with new isolation regulations, it is especially important to prioritize sleep.

“If you can, make sure to get daylight during the day—even if just through a window—and to be active,” Rangtell said. “In the evening, keep lights dim and engage in calm, relaxing activities.”

Other stress relief and sleep apps are also offering similar discounts. Sanvello, an app designed to help people with emotional health, unblocked all paid content and is offering its resources for free during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s our way of supporting you during this challenging time,” said the Sanvello website.

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