TOPEKA (KSNT) – Pfizer’s coronavirus booster shots are finally available, after Friday’s CDC approval.

All 2,000 health providers in Kansas are in the clear to start rolling out the booster shots right away.

Dr. Joan Duwve, the state’s Deputy Health Officer, told the Kansas Capitol Bureau Friday that this is for people that have received the Pfizer vaccine, and meet the CDC’s eligibility requirements.

“If it’s been six months, and you are in one of those categories, you can go out and get your vaccine, you don’t have to wait.”

The CDC recommended booster shots for people six months after vaccination, in the following groups:

  • People ages 65 and older
  • Long term care residents
  • People ages 50 to 64 with underlying health conditions
  • People ages 18 to 49 with underlying conditions *should weigh their individual benefits with risks
  • People working in high exposure occupations (such as prisons and jails, health care workers, teachers, first responders). The list could also include store clerks and anybody who interacts with the public.

Dr. Duwve said prior to Friday’s approval, people who were immunocompromised or at “high-risk” of infection received a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine, as approved by health officials, not “boosters.” She said people under that category who have just received their third dose should wait, or check

“Those who just received their third doses wouldn’t be eligible for a booster shot, and I’m not sure what the recommendations for those individuals is going to be,” Dr. Duwve said. “We should know more about that later… and we’ll be sure to provide them with information in the next couple of months.”

Dr. Duwve said for those that are eligible, they can start checking in with their local health providers and physicians. Some have appointments right now and others could have it as soon as next week.

For people that have received their vaccines from Moderna or Johnson & Johnson, they will have to wait until boosters for each vaccine are approved.

According to the state, eligibility for a booster dose based on an underlying medical condition will only require self-attestation – a prescription or assessment from a health care provider is not required. The COVID-19 vaccine is the most direct path to ending this pandemic.

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