TOPEKA (KSNT) – With the new variant becoming a dominant strain, people are wanting to get out and get tested. For one Topeka councilman, finding a test was the hard part.

Topeka City Council Member Spencer Duncan took to Twitter to voice his concerns about the current testing process.

“What you find when you go online is pharmacies are booked. Hospitals are doing their best but they’re busy. So they’re either booked or you have to call which is complicated,” Duncan said.

He wasn’t scheduling the test for himself, he was actually trying to help someone else who thought they had COVID get a PCR test. While he searched for resources, he instead found a headache.

“I’m not blaming the people doing the tests or the people on the ground doing the work. I think the system is the problem. We are telling people to get tested which I think is the right thing. I think you need to know if you have the flu or a cold or COVID for a variety of reasons.,” Duncan said.

KSNT reached out to the Shawnee county health department about Duncan’s concerns.

Craig Barnes with the health department recommends finding a testing site online through their website here. He says this site can help ease any problems when it comes to a testing site. On this website, you can also find free testing locations at the community and federal level.