Fundraiser for new pair of pants for Wichita police chief turns into Christmas miracle for family


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – What started out as a joke has now blossomed into a blessing for a Wichita family this Christmas.

Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay had to sprint and tackle a man that was attempting to get inside a car on Kellogg last week. After the incident, the chief tweeted that he may have ruined his favorite pair of pants.

The tackle was caught on video, and it only took a short amount of time to spread like wildfire on social media, encouraging Kayla Shelton to create a GoFundMe account to quickly raise money to get Chief Ramsay a new pair of pants.

“I didn’t shut it off like I had planned, so it just kept getting more money and more money,” said Shelton.

The fundraiser quickly gained dozens of donations, and once Chief Ramsay found out, he suggested a better plan for the money.

“He decided he wanted to donate this to a family that was in need,” said Wichita Police Department Detective Steve Jerrell. “Within five minutes, somebody that I’ve worked with over the years in community policing texted me and asked me if I knew where a family could get some help because they were in need.”

That family includes two adults and five kids. The children are between the ages of four and 20 years old. Detective Jerrell said the family has been hit hard this year. The parents both lost their jobs during the pandemic and two other relatives died from COVID-19.

It was what the kids told their mom after she asked what they wanted for Christmas that deeply touched the officers at the Wichita Police Department.

“Their response was, ‘mom, we don’t need anything, we know there’s no money this year,'” said Jerrell.

That response is now pushing Jerrell and Shelton to do what they can to help provide resources, furniture, and gifts to the family this Christmas.

“I’ve got four daughters,” said Shelton. “Knowing my littlest one, if she came to me and said something like that, that would really hurt my heart. So, whatever we can do to help.”

Jerrell said donations are still coming in for the family. The gifts will be bought for the family on Tuesday, and they will be given the presents on Wednesday.

If you would like to help, click here for the GoFundMe page.

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