TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A joke about anxiety and depression while social distancing and staying at home may be funny to some but for others, those mental health disorders are actually a reality.

KSNT News spoke with the National Alliance on Mental Illness on ways people can take care of themselves during this time.

The main thing to think about is self-care. That can be anything from journaling, exercise, cooking and trying new hobbies. It can be anything you can think of that will keep your mental health in check.

“It’s ok to feel a little anxiety. Or to feel a little depression in the midst of the new situation that we are in in this new landscape of COVID-19,” said Sherrie Vaughn of NAMI Kansas. “And it’s ok to acknowledge that and look for those resources that are going to help you find that self-care that’s going to work for you.”

Vaughn said there are resources available within different areas around Kansas. You can find those HERE.