TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is reporting 218 active coronavirus clusters across the state as of Jan. 12, 2022.

KDHE reported in the last week there are 218 clusters, responsible for 3,122 cases, 50 hospitalizations and 37 deaths.

A coronavirus cluster is when there is a concentration of infections in the same area at the same time. 

Long term care facilities are still taking the brunt of the pandemic with 121 clusters in the past 14 days, accounting for 1,453 cases across the state. Thirty-nine of those cases required hospitalizations and accounted for 36 deaths.

Nationally, nursing homes reported a near-record of about 32,000 COVID-19 cases among residents in the week ending Jan. 9.

Despite the rising numbers, the situation is not as bad as it was in December 2020, when nursing home deaths per week topped out at about 6,200. Experts credit the high vaccination rates now among nursing home residents: About 87% are fully vaccinated, according to CDC data.

Schools are seeing a dramatic rise in numbers as the wildly contagious variant spreads among young people. In the last 14 days in Kansas there have been 26 clusters accounting for 362 reported cases of coronavirus coming from schools.

To see active clusters in the state of Kansas click here.

Since the start of the pandemic there have been 46,801 reported cases of coronavirus in children ages 0 to 9 years old, and 67,135 cases in children 10 to 17 years old.

According to the Shawnee County Health Department, in the last 30 days Shawnee County has recorded 86 cases of the coronavirus in children 0 to 19 years old.

The Kansas Department of Health releases cluster data every Wednesday for the previous 14 days, below are recorded clusters for the last two weeks.


  • North Fairview Elementary School, Shawnee County, 7 cases
  • USD 321 Rossville, Shawnee County, 16 cases
  • Wabaunsee Junior High School, Wabaunsee County, 14 cases
  • Wamego Schools, Pottawatomie County, 32 cases


  • Topeka Correctional Facility, Shawnee County, 30 cases
  • Shawnee County Jail, Shawnee County, 15 cases
  • Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex, Shawnee County, 40 cases

Long Term Care Facility

  • Brewster Place, Shawnee County, 7 cases
  • Lexington Park Health and Rehab, Shawnee County, 14 cases
  • Midland Care, Shawnee County, 20 cases
  • Plaza West Healthcare and Rehab, Shawnee County, 14 cases
  • The Healthcare Resort Assisted Living, Shawnee County, Shawnee County, 8 cases
  • Topeka Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, Shawnee County, 16 cases
  • Neuvant House Lawrence, Douglas County, 7 cases
  • Pioneer Ridge Health and Rehad, Douglas County, 8 County


  • Mini Masters Learning Center, Shawnee County, 8 cases

Group Living

  • Kansas Neurological Institute, Shawnee County, 15 cases
  • Topeka Rescue Mission, Shawnee County, 15 cases

Private Business

  • Koch & Company, Nemaha County, 8 cases