Kids and coronavirus vaccines: What you need to know


LAWRENCE, Kan. (KSNT) – Two coronavirus vaccines have been approved and already shipped throughout the country. The Pfizer vaccine is for people 16 and older and the Moderna vaccine is for 18 and older. But what about those younger than that age?

Currently, those tests are only allowed for that age range because that was what was tested. However, we could expect the vaccine to be studied, and potentially approved, for children under those ages anywhere from six months to a year from now, according to Dr. Justin Goodnight with Panda Pediatrics in Lawrence.

As for whether it’s safe for kids, Goodnight said the side effects of coronavirus are far more dangerous than the vaccine.

“Try to look at the bigger picture of what our nation is dealing with, what you’re at risk for,” Goodnight said. “You’re going to have to experiment on yourself and your child a little bit, whether that’s getting a super safe, super studied vaccine, or it’s getting some almost alien virus that’s mutated from God knows where.”

If you have any questions regarding the vaccine for yourself or your child, Dr. Goodnight recommended talking with your doctor.

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