LAWRENCE (KSNT) — A scientist at the University of Kansas had made advances that could change the future of coronavirus.

Molecular Biosciences Assistant Professor Anthony Fehr figured out that if scientists remove one type of protein in the coronavirus structure, the virus will cease to exist. Fehr and his team are diving into three different parts of this protein.

  • They are trying to figure out what the protein does and why?
  • How if affects the human immune system?
  • How they can create a drug to target the protein?

Fehr said he and his team have good and bad days, but every new development is integral to success in the end.

“It is an enzyme that we know is critical for the virus to actually cause disease, in fact, if we get of this, if we remove this protein from the virus, the virus can no longer cause disease in mice,” Fehr said.

The team is far from their end goals but says they hope their research paired with everyone else’s around the globe can put an end to coronavirus in the future.