JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (KSNT) – A local mother and daughter are finally home from the hospital after fighting coronavirus together.

Kathryn Donlevy and Fernanda Bouman are a Junction City mother daughter duo. Donlevy is a spitfire, constantly making doctors and nurses laugh. When the two got coronavirus, Bouman, like a typical mom, was more worried about her child than herself.

When Donlevy went to the Geary Community Hospital more than two weeks ago she was struggling with typical coronavirus symptoms but had a fever she just couldn’t get rid of.

On the inside though, Dr. Omkar Vaidya, said her lungs were white and barely getting enough oxygen.

“Not knowing how she was at one time, that bothered me the most, because she’s my baby,” Bouman said.

Bouman got sick later. She stayed around the corner, but her symptoms were not as bad as her daughter’s. The pair FaceTimed one another from their rooms.

“The thought of her, losing her, with this COVID, it really bothered me. Everyday they relayed to me how she was doing which was an uplifter for me anyway,” Bouman said. “I was afraid I was going to lose her.” 

“You can’t get rid of me yet,” Donlevy said.

Donlevy and Bouman want to tell people this virus isn’t something they would wish upon anyone. And their doctor wants to stress the earlier you seek help, the better they can help you.