TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Right now can be a scary time for children as their normal routine might be changing.

Chip Millhuff at the Family Service and Guidance Center said that even though you might want to shield your kids from any worry, it’s best to talk openly to them about what’s going on.

Millhuff said most kids will be aware that something is going on, so try to answer as many questions as you can upfront. He says it’s okay to tell them if you don’t know the answer and maybe spend some time trying to figure out the answer together.

“If you run into a question with your child that you don’t know, it’s important to be honest,” said Millhuff. “It’s also important to not try and make promises that you can’t really assure is going to be the case.”

Millhuff said to pay extra attention to your child and notice if they have any changes in their habits that show they might be worrying.