Local teachers, students adjusting to remote learning


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The school year has started, but right now that doesn’t always mean from a classroom.

Teachers and administrators are figuring out what the school year will look like in the upcoming weeks and how to keep students engaged. Teachers say students, especially the younger ones, need to be entertained online.

“If I see they’re getting wiggly then I try and whatever I’m going to teach I try to incorporate a game with it to get them moving. So with their response I might have them stand up or stay seated,” said Pamela Munoz, a kindergarten teacher at McCarter Elementary in Topeka.

The choice to move classes online isn’t up to the teacher though. The school district decides on online classes. The teachers have to find the creative ways to make online learning work.

“Finding that balance between the structure of the teacher delivering the content but then at the same time giving variation throughout the day so the student has a break so they’re working on different projects,” said Mark Tallman of Kansas Association of School Boards.

The biggest struggle for most districts currently is not knowing how long classrooms will have remote learning, but teachers are starting to feel more prepared if they have to move their classrooms all online.

“Now that I’ve kind of wrapped my brain around beginning of the year kindergarten I can definitely handle it,” Munoz said.

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