Mixing the Flu and COVID shot- is it safe?


TOPEKA (KSNT) — As the cold is really settling in this week, people are reminded that flu season is coming upon us.

This means that people are gearing up to get their flu vaccine, and with the pandemic still looming above, people are wondering whether or not they can kill two birds with one stone and get their flu and COVID vaccine at the same time.

According to the CDC and local health experts, it is perfectly fine to do so.

“The only time you shouldn’t mix vaccines together is if you have a live-virus vaccine and neither one of those are that,” Dr. Korri Phillips, the Medical Director for the Express Care Clinics said. “So you can always do flu vaccines and COVID vaccines together.”

If you want to schedule an appointment through Stormont Vail, they are currently scheduling appointments 30 days out. A spokesperson with the hospital said that they are always getting cancellations, so keep a watchful eye out on their site.

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