MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The CDC told Americans if they are fully vaccinated, they can drop the mask. On Sunday, the City of Manhattan’s mask mandate also came to an end, bringing a complete end to COVID-19 restrictions in Riley County.

But one local business owner isn’t ditching the masks just yet.

“We kind of want to take the wait and see approach, just to make sure we are staying safe,” said Manhattan Brewing Company co-owner Jake Voegeli.

Manhattan Brewing Company is asking folks to keep their masks on when they enter their store, just for a few more weeks.

Tweet from Manhattan Brewing Company

“I love it that the CDC came out with it. I appreciate that the city is thinking that we are at a point where we can drop that. We just want to make sure making sure that my customers and all of my employees are safe at the same time,” Voegeli added.

Even with Manhattan and Riley County’s mask mandates expiring, businesses still have the right to require customers and others who enter their property to wear a mask. The city, however, will no longer require businesses to do so.

“How businesses and individuals choose to go forward to utilize masks or not will be an individual business choice. We do understand that some people are still not comfortable without the masks. We also know some business owners want to keep the masks and people have different health needs so it will be an individual and business choice going forward,” said Deputy City Manager Dennis Marstall.

But businesses are not the only ones that will still be requiring masks for a little bit longer. In a statement provided to KSNT News, K-State also will be keeping masks for a little bit longer.

“K-State is aware of recent changes by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to face-covering guidance for fully vaccinated people. The university policy is under evaluation and changes will be announced as soon as available. Until then, the policy regarding face coverings in indoor spaces remains.”

Kansas State University

It is no secret things have been changing fast over the past year but with all of those changes, Riley County Health Director Julie Gibbs reminds us, “use your judgement.”

“We are following CDC guidance so you can go without a mask indoors or outdoors, just use your best judgment. If you are in a place that is very crowded you may want to go ahead and mask up,” Gibbs said.

But even with the changes that have come, Voegeli said their customers have been understanding.

“Most people are nice. You get the occasional the rarity that wants to come in and put up a fight about it but honestly we don’t get a lot of those. Everyone is really nice about it. We really appreciate that. We have some of the best customers we could ask for especially here in this town. This city, we love it,” Voegeli said.

So keep those masks handy, you might need them when you are our supporting your favorite local businesses.