Pregnancy during coronavirus: What to expect when it’s a pandemic


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – It’s no secret it’s hard to be a parent right now, from questions about how to keep the learning going at home, to just keeping your kids healthy. But add being pregnant on top of all that.

One local woman is opening up about her fears while she’s just weeks away from her delivery.

Doctors at the University of Kansas Health Systems St. Francis Campus are making sure that the care for those who are pregnant is the best that they can offer. They do have an added challenge during this pandemic. Staff is having to limit the number of people who can be in the delivery room as a support system and if things get worse, women might even have to be alone in the delivery room.

Cristin Adamson is no rookie in motherhood: 32 weeks into her pregnancy, a mother to four girls, and a boy on the way. But she says bringing a new life into the world during a global pandemic is terrifying.

“I just kind of feel like that’s an understatement,” said Adamson. “Because it’s the fear of the unknown, we have no idea what tomorrow’s going to bring. I have no idea what two months is going to bring. I still have two months to go, this can be so much worse.”

As of Wednesday current rules at the St. Francis campus is that each patient gets one visitor. When times were normal, patients could have as many visitors come in as they wanted. The change is to help practice social distancing.

Their chosen person to be the sole support system gets a wristband. They can’t share the wristband with anyone else to maximize visitors.

With the coronavirus being so new, the research is minimal. But doctors do know that pregnant women have weaker immune systems.

“Pregnant women are always considered typically a little bit higher risk population,” said Dr. Rempe.

Dr. Rempe says studies show that breast milk hasn’t been affected in women who have coronavirus.

While this can be scary, Cristin said nothing will take away welcoming a new member to their family.

“I will say this, you know, to anyone who’s pregnant right now we can only take this minute by minute, day by day,” said Adamson. “There’s no use in freaking out.”

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