Some people are concerned about a potential side effect when getting the COVID-19 vaccine


JOPLIN, MO (KSNT) – With everyone from universities to state governments offering incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine, some patients are more focused on potential side effects, like viral shedding.

Some patients are concerned that getting the COVID-19 vaccine will mean they can pass the virus on to others, especially those not immunized.

It’s a potential side effect that involves some vaccines.

“Not for COVID-19. But for example, influenza, most of them are inactivated viruses. For this one, we actually don’t use injection, because he’s put some spray into your nose. And that is a live vaccine so that theoretically, you could infect someone else with a vaccine.” Says Dr. Uwe Schmidt, Freeman Infectious Diseases.

Sometimes called “shedding,” referring to the potential release of the virus.

In theory, a patient with the shot could spread or “shed” the virus.

There are a couple of factors to keep in mind with vaccines with the live virus, like the nasal flu spray.

“It’s not the regular strong influenza virus in that situation. It’s a virus which is already attenuated, and it’s not virulent anymore so it would rarely cause any problem.” Dr. Schmidt says.

For the COVID-19 vaccine, it does not contain a live virus, so the vaccination process doesn’t involve that factor.

“So once you get vaccinated, you don’t really have the virus itself, because it’s not a live vaccine. So basically, you would not expect that you would share any virus from this that can happen with a live vaccine.” Dr. Schmidt says.

This concern about shedding is just one part of the conversation about the COVID-19 vaccine, and whether or not patients choose to get it.

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