Stormont Vail says it’s possible, but unlikely, non-employees received vaccine during scheduling breach


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Stormont Vail Health officials are investigating a scheduling breach on Tuesday to determine if they administered the coronavirus vaccine to people who should not have received them, according to the hospital’s president and CEO, Dr. Robert Kenagy.

In addition, the hospital’s Employee Relations team is conducting an investigation to determine who and how the link to schedule an appointment was shared with people outside of their employees, according to Matt Lara, Stormont’s Public Relations Specialist.

“Our HR team will visit with each person and we’ll follow our internal process,” Kenagy said. “I think it’s unlikely that we would get to a position that we felt the need to fire someone over it.”

Kenagy said it’s unlikely anyone received the vaccine who should not have, but it is a possibility.

The hospital is reviewing all the scheduled appointments to determine if that did occur.

As of Tuesday, the scheduling system has been temporarily taken down, and the hospital is requiring anyone receiving the vaccine to show proof of employment.

Kenagy said he is hopeful this will not happen again, as he would like to continue using the system once the vaccine becomes available to others.

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