Teacher parade: Local teachers make the rounds to wave and see their students


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Classes are all being held online across the state because of the coronavirus outbreak, so the typical student-teacher interaction isn’t going to happen again until August.

However, that’s not stopping Wanamaker Elementary School from seeing their students.

“There were some teachers down in Texas who did this. As teachers, if anyone knows teachers, if we see something we like we steal it and and nab it, tweak it and enhance it and bring it to our students to enhance their lives,” Wanamaker Elementary school teacher Mauri Decker said.

Decker organized the ‘teacher parade,’ bringing an idea from the lone star state to the elementary school. Teachers filled a parking lot that has been empty for weeks to decorate their cars as they prepared to make the rounds to see their students, even if it was from inside their cars.

“We just wanted to bring some happiness to the kids tonight and if they see us feel safe and they’ll feel safe,” Decker said.

Helping ease the fears of a situation that some students might not even fully understand.

“I’m in second grade, but moving into 3rd grade,” said Morgan, a Wanamaker Elementary student.

Teachers said that even if it was just five short minutes that everyone could forget about the coronavirus, it was five minutes well spent.

“We want to be here, we want to be here with the kids and be working and it’s been hard,” said Decker. “A lot of tears have been shed.”

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