Topeka Fire Department says you are safe, even with store exits locked for pandemic


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Topeka Fire Department said it’s been getting a number of calls regarding safety at stores. This comes as businesses choose to shut down one or more entrances as a way to navigate the flow of traffic or try to decrease the amount of hands that touch doors.

TFD said it’s legal for businesses to lock some of their doors, as the doors have panic mechanisms that open doors in emergencies.

“Just because it’s locked doesn’t mean you couldn’t get out if you were on the inside, so doors have certain things that are built in so maybe if it us locked from the outside you can still open,” Chad Holthaus, a Topeka Fire Department inspector, said.

On the other hand, they urge businesses not to prop up fire doors that are used to keep the fire out of the stairwell.

There are certain doors that use a different system that connects the door to the fire alarm. That way it can stay open, and if a fire is detected it will be released and shut automatically.

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