Topeka veterinarian: It’s ‘unlikely’ pets can get COVID-19


Digital generated image of macro view of the corona virus. (Getty Images)

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — A KSNT News web article keeps resurfacing on a couple of dogs testing positive for coronavirus. So, we want to reassure some of your concerns.

Allison Crow, a Topeka veterinarian at the Animal Clinic of North Topeka, has been keeping up with COVID-19 and animals.

Two dogs in Hong Kong tested positive for coronavirus. One of the dogs had multiple positive tests before coming back negative. Both dogs were tested through the nasal passage. Veterinary experts, and the CDC, believe this is still a rare case of animals spreading the virus.

“We think it’s very unlikely that dogs pick it up very readily at all,” Crow said. “There have been thousands of tests the IDEXX Laboratories have done on dogs that have all been negative so far. So people are testing dogs.”

It’s also necessary to point out there were only two dogs who tested positive in the world, meaning it is rare for an animal to contract and spread COVID-19 to people and other animals.

It is recommended a pet owner with a positive case isolate their pet, meaning taking them to another person’s house during recovery.

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