Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Dr. Lee Norman joined The University of Kansas Health System with updates on vaccination and the virus spread.

“I believe we are really truly turning the corner on this virus,” Gov. Kelly said.

Phase one groups for the virus include health care workers and nursing home residents.

Dr. Lee Norman warned Kansans to “show restraint” as the holidays come up.

“We are seeing a little bit of leveling off,” Dr. Norman said. “But, we obviously still have a lot of work to do.”

Dr. Norman said the vaccine has arrived at two of the Kansas hubs, and they are ramping up testing sites.

On Monday, The University of Kansas Health System offered advice on how to have a conversation about wearing masks and vaccinations. KU Professor Donna Ginther’s latest research shows masks can help reduce hospitalizations and deaths by 50%.

Gov. Kelly estimated it would be late spring or early summer before the general population would be getting vaccinated.

Kansas is constructing its own models for distribution because, as Dr. Norman pointed out, the state is too large to work with hubs like smaller states.

Gov. Kelly urged Kansans to “stick with it,” and “hang in there for a few more months.”

Gov. Kelly asked residents to continue with mask wearing and continuing to practice social distance until the vaccine has been widely distributed.

According to Dr. Norman all the vaccines that come into Kansas will be used. There has been a question as to whether the amount of vaccines that come into the state will be divided by two because a second dose will be necessary. During the press conference, Norman confirmed a second dose will come from a second delivery.