UPDATE: As of March 13, SB 180 was withdrawn from the committee and rereferred to the Committee on Health and Human Services.

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Some Kansas LGBT advocates say they believe lawmakers are targeting gender – and they are pushing back.

Opponents of SB 180, or the ‘Women’s Bill of Rights’, told Inside Kansas Politics why they believe the legislation is a step behind for trans rights in the state. The bill defines the term woman or man by biological sex. Proponents of the bill say the legislation protects women.

“Women fought relentlessly for their rights not just in sports but far beyond that,” Independent Women’s Voice spokeswoman Riley Gaines said, “What we are seeing in our culture today is the loss of that.”

Critics call the bill discriminatory against the transgender community and say it will lead to more problems.

“I think these bills sort of, try to make humanity simple, they want it to be black and white but that’s not what human nature is,“ D.C. Heigert, ACLU LGBTQ+ Legal Fellow says, “That’s not what gender is, that’s not what sex is. I think a little bit of it is just a hesitancy for change. ”

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