MANHATTAN (KSNT) – K-State receiver Jadon Jackson caught the first touchdown in the each of K-State’s first two games of the season.

The touchdown catch in Week 1 was his first since his true freshman year at Ole Miss. Jackson is becoming a reliable part of the Wildcats’ offense.

“It’s just Will’s trust in me,” Jackson said. “When we go out there, we just look at each other and we’re like, ‘alright, it’s time to go.'”

Jackson’s longest catch against Troy was a 40-yard reception in double coverage when K-State had just a two-score lead. However, Jackson doesn’t approach the game different in dire situations.

“Just staying neutral,” Jackson said. “Never get too high. Never get too low. That’s the name of the game. There’s a lot of bumps and bruises all over the game. Some start off hot. Some start off slow, but it’s just about staying in that same range.”

He transferred to K-State from Ole Miss before the 2022 season, but only played in four games. Jackson had no interest in transferring again.

“Coach Middleton came in and he stuck with me,” Jackson said. “He stuck with me a lot. He helped me truly understand how to be a better athlete, a better player and all of that. Then, Coach Klieman has been around and stuck by me, Coach Joe Hall, all of the coaches. The whole coaching staff. They just stuck around and been there for me when I really needed them.”

Jackson averages 19.2 yards per catch through the first two games. K-Nation airs every Sunday after 27 News at 10 on KSNT.