MANHATTAN, KS. (KSNT) – The Wildcats have a smaller group going to Nationals, but their expectations are still big.

“When we go to the national meet, it’s always about scoring,” head coach Cliff Rovelto said. “All three athletes are legitimate scorers. I have no interest in going and just being there. We want to go there and do something.”

Urta Bacianskaite will compete in the heptathlon. Emma Robbins and Kade McCall will compete in the hammer throw.

“Obviously, it’s hard to put everything together in one meet,” Bacianskaite said. “It’s so hard, but I love heptathlon.”

National qualifiers are the top-12 finishers from the regional tournament.

“You get your stress over with at regionals…” McCall said. “You just get to have fun at Nationals. We’re still doing a high load, but just enough to give it a little bit of a rest.”

Since Bacianskaite has to practice throwing events, all three Wildcats have a close relationship and a clear picture of what to expect in Austin.

“I’m expecting it to be hot, but that’s my type of weather,” Robbins said. “I love the heat, so I’m excited for that and just really hone in, focus and throw what I know.”

Robbins, McCall and Bacianskaite know a lot, according to throws coach Greg Watson.

“We train all year for that and we want to be our best at championship time,” Watson said. “I think it’s just the culmination of the work they’ve done all year long. They’ve been really good about doing the right things that we ask them to do, so the results are happening.”

The NCAA track & field Nationals begin Wednesday.