LAWRENCE (KSNT) – Great KU football players are returning to Lawrence to embrace their past, plus the program’s future.

Nick Reid and Tony Sands were inducted into KU football’s Ring of Honor during the game against UCF.

“It’s obviously the greatest accomplishment of my life, so to be able to have my family here and my friends here, coming in from all over the country to be a part of this, is definitely special,” Reid said. “I’m just trying to enjoy this and take it all in.”

Both Reid and Sands played under a lot of the names around David Booth Memorial Stadium.

“Every time I came out, I looked among the greats that are up here and I wondered, ‘Would I ever come into this stadium and see my name here while I’m living?'” Sands said. “I made the walk in here on this day, looked amongst the greats, and see my name on that board. It means the world to me.”

Both players commend the current team and staff for restoring pride to the program. Reid and Sands both reflect on their careers at KU, while thinking about the program’s future.

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