LAWRENCE (KSNT) – Kansas volleyball fifth-year seniors Mykayla Meyers and Reagan Cooper have been best friends for years.

The two transferred to KU for their final season; a season they can share together after time apart. Meyers and Cooper grew up 20 minutes away from each other, just north of Dallas. Competing against each on the traveling volleyball circuit, Cooper wasn’t exactly ready to be friendly.

“She kind of intimidated me at first, so I was nervous,” Cooper said.

Both players committed to play at Washington State as sophomores in high school. After committing, the two started hanging out, becoming friends and eventually rooming together as teammates.

After a season up north that didn’t go as planned, the two decided to transfer. Splitting up, Cooper went to Texas Tech and Meyers went to TCU.

“It grew our friendship even more because we weren’t super far away, and we talked every single day,” Meyers said. “So, our friendship continued to blossom.”

Graduating from their respective schools, Meyers decided to play her fifth-year at Kansas, while Cooper decided she was done playing.

“At first I wasn’t going to take my fifth-year after Tech,” Cooper said. “But, then, after she committed to Kansas, my attention was kind of drawn over here.”

All it took to convince Cooper was a text from her best friend.

“Reagan come on,” Meyers said. “We have this opportunity. Why not just take it? Come on. It will be so much fun. We get to live together again.”

Now with the Jayhawks, the two are killing it on the court together. They sense a special bond during competitions.

“Looking at each other, it just makes us more comfortable,” Meyers said.

“In big moments, having her beside me brings me back to the present,” Cooper said.

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