MANHATTAN (KSNT) – Since she’s gotten to K-State, senior libero Mackenzie Morris hasn’t missed a single set.

A true ironman for the Wildcats, Morris is known for leaving it all out on the floor. She will dive forward, sideways and backward to try to save a point. The libero is the player seen in a different jersey, subbing in freely for back row duties.

K-Nation’s Landon Reinhardt sat down with Morris to find out what drives her. She says being a team player is key.

“I think it’s just part of being a libero,” Morris said. “You have to be the one sacrificing, giving your all all the time. I feel like I just try my best to give 100 percent every day.”

If you slow down videos of Morris in action, she’ll be in awkward, body-morphing positions. She says it’s a regular occurrence to be in an abnormal shape.

“Honestly, probably too many times,” Morris said. “That’s why I’m in the training room a lot. Just being taught how to dive is kind of scary because no one wants to see you throw yourself on the floor…but getting underneath balls is very important.”

The full interview with Morris can be watched above. Click here for more K-Nation content.