MANHATTAN (KSNT) – You may recognize his voice from the radio or inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

Mitch Fortner – KMAN radio host and public address announcer for K-State football – joined K-Nation in-studio to talk about the Wildcats’ loss to Missouri.

When asked about the biggest challenge for K-State against the Tigers, he thought it was about how the team was working together.

“Communication,” Fortner said. “You saw early in the game, [Missouri wide receiver] Luther Burden got loose for Mizzou, and they just drove right down the field…there was miscommunication in the backfield.”

The Missouri loss couldn’t be pinpointed to one area of struggle. Fortner says both sides of the ball had their issues, but he’d like to see more stability out of the offense.

“I think the defense has the most consistent part of the game,” Fortner said. “…it’s the offense that needs to find a little more consistency. When it’s going well, it’s an amazing offense, but they kind of have to grind a little too much at times.”

The full interview with Fortner on K-Nation can be watched above. K-Nation airs every Sunday night on KSNT after 27 News at 10.