OSAGE COUNTY (KSNT) – A Lyndon couple hit it big with a lucky lottery ticket this month, and it was all thanks to a broken credit card reader at a local gas pump.

Patsy and Danny Roberts’s luck kicked into high gear when they made a timely purchase of four $10 Kansas City Chiefs World Champions instant tickets at TA Express at 32501 West 200th Street in Edgerton, according to an article posted by the Kansas Lottery.

“We pulled up to the pump at the station to get gas, and that was all,” Patsy said. “We had no plans to go inside. The card reader wasn’t working, so Danny had to go inside to pre-pay, and he just couldn’t resist those Chiefs tickets!” 

While the couple was driving away, Patsy began to play the tickets. It was at this point the pair realized they had just won $75,000.

“I like to play one number at a time, that way I don’t miss anything when I’m counting up winning symbols,” Patsy said. “On the second ticket, I had a winning spot. I revealed the prize amount underneath and it said “$75,000” on it. I just assumed I was reading it wrong!” 

The Roberts realized they’d need to make a trip to Topeka to cash in their winnings with the Kansas Lottery. With the cash in hand, the pair began making plans for how best to spend it all.

“The Lord has blessed us with the ability to now pay off pretty much all of our debt except for the house and car,” Danny said. “No smaller bills to pay off. Now we can really focus on our retirement in a couple of years. This was such a huge blessing!” 

One other top prize for the $10 Kansas City Chiefs World Champion instant tickets is still in the wild, according to the Kansas Lottery. You can learn more about the tickets by clicking here.

Earlier this year, several Kansans won big prizes through the lottery. A Kansan from Johnson County who drew a winning $92 million jackpot ticket in 2022 claimed the winnings in January, 2023. Two people won Powerball tickets recently valued at $1,000,000 with a winner coming forward in northeast Kansas to claim one of the tickets.

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