CHASE COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) — A flamingo was spotted at the Chase State Fishing Lake in Chase County Thursday.

Flamingo spotted at Chase State Fishing Lake in Kansas (Courtesy: Chase County Sheriff’s Office)

The Chase County Sheriff’s Office has named the bird “Flint.”

“We know this is an unusual sight to see, and the lake is a popular place today,” said the CCSO. “So, with that said, we remind everyone to please watch for pedestrians and park where access is not restricted.”

The SCSO is asking the public not to attempt to catch the bird.

“The bird will more than likely migrate back south when it’s ready but for the time being, it was suggested Flint join our DUI enforcement team. Are you ready for the one leg stand test? Can you do it like a 🦩?” Asked the SCSO.

They state that game wardens have been contacted.

The Kansas Wildlife Exhibit says that Hurricane Idalia is thought to have displaced several flamingos a few weeks ago. Since then, they have been spotted in many states.

“Can we call it Barbie?” Asked the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit.