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Fall Allergies: the doctor is in

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - The good news: Fall is almost here. The not-so-good news: Fall allergies have already arrived.

KSNT News Morning Anchor Brittany Moore caught up with our doctor on call to find out how to combat  the water eyes, sneezing, the the rest of Autumn's allergy symptoms.

"The allergens are different, but the symptoms are the same. It starts in mid-August and goes through mid to end of October after we've had a couple of good hard freezes, that's when we see it die down, " said Dr. Timothy Borchers.

He says Ragweed is up at the top of the list of common causes.

"Ragweed is 75 percent to 80 percent of the problem. Ragweed is a fall weed, it loves the bright days and the cooler weather.  Behind that, would be weeds like pig weed and Russian thistle. And then we get into the molds."

Dead vegetation this time of year will cause mold to grow. The doctor says try to steer clear.

"We always preach avoidance.  When it cools off and you want to open the doors and drive around with the sunroof open, keep the doors and windows closed and use airconditioning. If you can get an allergen quality filter in your furnace, you may even need a filter in your bedroom. But then treatment is going to be over the counter products.  Your antihistimines, for example Claritin, Zirtec, Allegra. Nasal sprays, sometimes nasal steroid sprays.

Dr. Borchers advises says it's time to go to the doctor if none of the over-the-counter treatments are working over time or if further health complications develop. 





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