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Topeka mom seeks local sleep consultant to help her baby sleep through the night

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - Getting your new baby to sleep through the night is one of the first challenges new parents face.

Brandy Eckhardt from Topeka went to her doctor for post partum depression, but discovered she was just incredibly sleep deprived. She was waking up with her 8 month old son Finn 4 to 6 times a night. 

"It felt like every 45 minutes he was waking up. I developed quite a lot of anxiety to even fall asleep, because I knew he would be waking up again. I wasn't the type of mom I wanted to be, because I was so extremely sleep deprived. Around 7 months, I was talking to my therapist about post partum depression, and they said Brandy there's no medication I can give you. You need sleep!" Brandy said.
After trying everything, she found Amy Hough, a pediatric sleep consultant from Topeka. 
"Once a baby gets to be about 6 months old, and my benchmark is around the 15v pound range, you should check with your pediatrician. (Babies) should be able to sleep through the night and we're talking somewhere between 10 to 12 hours," said Hough.  
Hough has 5 helpful ways parents can get their babies to sleep and stay asleep:

The main problem for Finn and his mom Brandy, "I needed to stop nursing Finn to sleep. He was relying on nursing during the night, and then play so much during the day. It took a few days to work out those kinks, but primarily we just had to stop nursing down for naps and bedtime. So when he wakes up, he's hungry and ready to eat." 
"So many children start getting dependent on a certain way of falling asleep. They are dependent on being fed to sleep, or their mom rocking them to sleep. They just haven't learned the skills to put themselves to sleep," said Hough. 
Brandy signed up for a week and a half of what she calls "sleep school" for Finn. She saw a change in just a few days.
"Now I have energy to go out and walk and exercise. I cook more. I am happy to clean up. I just have so much more energy and i am starting to feel more like myself," said Brandy. 
Finn now sleeps through the night and it's making all the difference for both mom and baby!

For more information on healthy sleeping habits for babies and sleep consulting,visit these websites: 




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