19-year-old turning heads at local schools, working as a female electrician


The sound of a drill. Then a twist of a screwdriver. Even wires, are all signs an electrician is near.

A young woman is turning heads at a local school, rewiring the standards of a male-dominated job, working as an electrician at 19-years-old.

Angelica Brown is a low voltage electrician for Topeka Public Schools, and she’s catching many eyes inside Topeka’s Sheldon Head Start.

“Little boys, little girls. They’re going to see that, and that’s going to put a thought in their mind, like hey I can do something like that too,” Angelica Brown said.

Specifically, eyes from strangers who agree, she is inspiring younger kids and adults as they walk by.

“I was super proud to be able to say that it’s a woman that was working up there, versus the usual,” said Julie James, from Sheldon Head Start. “What you see is always a male.”

“I mean, it really does show that, being a woman in a non-dominated field, where you’re working with a lot of men,” said Brown. “I mean, a lot of women even appreciate seeing you because you’re setting an example for not just for them, but also for the kids who are coming up.”

Angelica knew she wanted to be an electrician when she was 14. Starting off as a joke, saying she wanted to work in a male-dominated job to be independent.

Angelica Brown got her job in the district thanks to the help of the superintendent. Topeka Public School’s superintendent, Tiffany Anderson, started an internship program for highschool students. Angelica was one of the first students who went through the program, before working full time for the district.

“Angelica Brown is a student that I met my very first year,” said Tiffany Anderson. “And from that, she started in our first internship program. Which she is now one of our few female electricians. Graduated with her high school diploma and her degree at the same time.”

Proof men aren’t the only ones who can handle a drill.

“I am so proud. I couldn’t mind my own business,” James said. “I had to say something a million and one times, that I saw a female, a minority, someone who really stood out and made a difference for me. That made my day.”

Not only is Angelica working as an electrician at 19-years-old, she also just bought her first house.

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