TOPEKA (FOX 43 AM LIVE)- The United Way of Kaw Valley’s Christmas Bureau is only accepting families to be a part of the program for two more days!

For more information on what the Christmas Bureau is, click here to explore.

Jessica Lehnherr with the United Way of Kaw Valley joined the Fox 43 AM Live show to speak about the “adopter” forms opening today as well!

The “adopter” forms are for anyone who is financially able to “adopt” a family for the holiday season, providing gifts and food to them so they can enjoy a merry Christmas.

For example, to adopt a family of 4, it is asking people to spend $50 on food, and $45 on each gift for a person in that family. That would then amount to $230 that a family would spend in “adopting” a family of 4. Attached below is additional pricing information.

If you would like to ‘adopt’ a family this holiday season, click here to access the application.

For more information on the program, click here to get to the website, or watch the full interview above.