Animal shelter says pet surrenders have almost tripled


Workers at the Geary County Animal Shelter say the number of animals being surrendered could be because of Fort Riley being nearby, or because it is nearing the end of the school year and students can’t bring their pets with them.

The director of the shelter, Vanessa Gray, said they normally receive about two dogs a week, but that number has nearly tripled.

“Because we are by the military base we do see a lot of uprise in strays and owner surrenders whenever there are big movements happening with PCS and deployments,” Gray said. “We do see those uprises, but I think around this time of year school is ending.”

Because of the number of dogs being brought in, the shelter is at capacity. The workers are asking people to keep their dogs at home, and starting next week they will post on their Facebook page, letting people know about the dogs the owners want to surrender.

Courtney Brodsi works as an animal control officer and looks for dogs that have been abandoned by their owners.

“Animals are animals,” said Brodosi. “You can’t really force them to do something they don’t want to do, you have to take time with them. Patience really is key.”

Gray wants people to work with their pets and not give them up as soon as things get difficult.

“Give your dogs a chance, give your cats a chance,” Gray said. “They want to please you, they just need a little work, a little direction.”

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