Are your pets afraid of fireworks? New medicines, CBD products might help

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WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW)- From fast-working medicines to CBD products, there are quite a few options to help your furry friend this Fourth of July.

Many animals can experience anxiety symptoms when it comes to fireworks on July 4.

“Extreme panting, when they’re maybe not hot like they’re inside, shaking, quivering, hiding behavior, pacing, those kinds of things,” said Jessica Hodes, veterinarian at Rose Hill Veterinary Health Center.

This is one of the holidays where pet owners take advantage of boarding.

Sydney’s Pet Resort and Spa is taking special steps because the management said it’s the second busiest time of the year behind Thanksgiving.

“Right now, we’re booked at full capacity,” said Mallory Snider, general manager. “We have right now around 150 or 160 animals. Capacity is 250.”

Snider said the pet resort will reach that capacity by July 4.

Other options to calm your pets include Thunder Shirts, which apply gentle pressure to comfort your animal.

Then, there’s CBD products. From treats to oils, several products are flying off the shelves ahead of Independence Day.

“We have had a lot of anecdotal reports that people really think it does help, especially for mild anxiety,” said Hodes.

Dr. Hodes said a new FDA approved gel called Sileo is given to a dog inside the cheek patch and works in minutes. It can last up to four hours and the dosage can be given again if needed.

“It basically calms the dog, it does not sedate them,” Hodes said. “It’s ideal to maybe give it to them before you’re planning to shoot fireworks off. Give it to them 30 to 45 minutes before. It’s not going to take all their feat away, but at least makes them a lot more comfortable during incidents and makes it a lot less stressful for them.”

These are several easy precautions that can give you and your pet a piece of mind this Fourth of July.

“Plan for the worst, hope for the best,” said Snider.

If you think your pet may need help before fireworks, experts said it’s smart to start prepping before July 4.

Contact your local pet store or veterinarian for a list of options available.

Veterinarians also recommend micro-chipping your dog because July 4 is a common holiday for an increase in runaway dogs because of fireworks.

Also keep in mind that your dog may be able to hear fireworks happening further away than you can hear.

For more information and more tips, contact your local veterinarian.

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