Auburn-Washburn passes plan to get elementary students back into the classroom 5 days a week


An action plan was presented and approved at the Auburn-Washburn school board meeting Monday night laying out a timeline to get elementary students back into the school building 5 days a week.

According to the plan, the earliest all elementary students would be back into the physical classroom would be October 19.

Each school will manipulate the plan to best fit each individual school to adhere to its logistics, space, and staffing.

Here’s the detailed layout of the action plan:

  • Survey pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade parents on September 29-October 2.
  • Class rosters would be re-worked and completely by October 9.
  • Identify remote teachers and hire additional staff would go on by October 9.
  • School building space would be repurposed by October 14.
  • Student records would be updated by October 14.
  • New classroom furniture would be delivered to schools by October 14. New furniture is to make sure proper distancing and safety measures could be in place.
  • October 14 and 15 parent-teacher conferences would start a smooth transition.
  • Bus routes, cleaning, and disinfecting schedule would be established by October 16.
  • Phase 3 full on-site learning would start on October 19 for elementary students.

One of the biggest changes would be the school day start time. Elementary start time is being moved from 8:45 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. with a 9:10 a.m. drop off time.

This time change gives teachers more planning time before the day starts. In these times, there are less ‘special’ classes and more time spent in one classroom. During ‘special’ classes, like P.E., teachers use that time to plan.

The school district is thinking about changing their disinfectant so they can use the mist safely every day and doesn’t leave the ‘bio-film’ on surfaces. The disinfectant is all-natural and the change has been in the works for a while after reading studies that show prolonged exposure to chemical disinfectant shouldn’t happen.

Students will get those special classes about once or twice a week when they return to the classroom. It depends on the school and staffing on how many times a week they get those classes.

Each school will have to manipulate the plan to fit their own needs and logistics since all buildings aren’t all the same.

Full remote learning will remain an option for elementary students if their parent decides that, but the hybrid option will go away.

All social distancing and safety precautions like mask wearing, will remain in place as the district moves into this next phase.

You can watch the full meeting by clicking here.

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