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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Emergency responders may not only be packing water hoses or stethoscopes to an emergency, but firearms as well. That’s because bill 2502 may allow firefighters and medical responders to carry a concealed weapon while out on duty. The bill has already passed The House and Senate.

The Mission Township Fire Department says they are second amendment friendly.

“Mission Township and myself as a Fire Chief are supportive of the constitutional rights that are available and have been given to us,” says Fire Chief Forrest Walter. “Our department does not disallow firefighters to have conceal carry.”

The current law allows public employees to carry guns to work. The bill would allow first responders and most people working for a city, county or state to carry weapons while on duty, and public employers cannot stop employees from doing so.

Chief Forrest Walter says that sometimes fire isn’t the only danger when out on a scene.

“We’ve rolled people over in an unconscious state and they have a weapon underneath them.”

Some people agree that the new bill couldn’t hurt.

“These guys are risking their lives every day to help save people’s lives and they should have protection themselves as well,” says Topeka resident Grant Davenport.

But while Chief Forrest says that the bill could be a good safety measure, firefighters aren’t law enforcement.

“We just want to be safe and good citizens,” he says. “We don’t want to be out there doing what I think law enforcement’s main objective is, which is to protect us.”

The bill exempts school districts and other properties that have the “no gun” sign. It is waiting to be signed by Governor Sam Brownback.