Body shops seeing more business after winter weather

Experts say body shop business goes up after winter weather

As the ice and snow melts away, experts say this is typically the time when people take their cars into get work done. There are so many wrecks during winter weather that law enforcement often can’t respond to each wreck. This means more business for body shops and garages.

Matt Campbell, body shop manager at John Hoffer Body Shop, says they see tow-ins during the storm, but they don’t see much body work until the weather warms up.

“People are sliding into curbs and ditches and stuff like that so it’s a lot of undercarriage damage. Then once it all melts off we start seeing more of your fender bender type things,” said Campbell.

Campbell says if you’re driving and your steering wheel is turning to one side or something doesn’t feel right, you might have suspension damage. He says you should get an allignment just in case.

Once the weather warms up, Campbell says they start seeing broken fenders and damaged bumpers from wrecks during the storm.

Before you pick your body shop, Campbell says there are somethings to keep in mind. Campbell says you should shop around to a few body shops before choosing the one you’re going to use.

“Go into the shops. See what kind of training they’ve had, what kind of certifications. Just kind of feel out the shop and see if that’s where you want to have your car repaired,” said Campbell.

Campbell says you also don’t have to use the body shop your insurance company suggests. He says the companies typically negotiate lower costs with certain shops, which is why they reccomend them. However, in the end it is entirely up to you where you take your car.

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