WABAUNSEE COUNTY (KSNT) – After the U.S.D. 329 bond issue didn’t pass in 2020, the vote ‘yes’ team went back to the drawing board.

This time around, they feel more confident with their proposal. “There’s no way to address every objection or make everyone happy,” said supporter Heather Beggs. “But, this is the solution that appears to meet the most needs.”

Currently U.S.D. 329 facilities are spread over 200 miles. This bond issue would centralize all K-12 students in Alma.

If Wabaunsee County votes ‘yes’ there would be a 3rd-6th grade addition to Alma Elementary School, plus a new gym. The junior high and high school would see new renovations, as well as a relocation for the district office. These main changes and some smaller ones, total out to about $18 million dollars.

One Maple Hill resident sends his children to a different district, but he says he is still opposed to the plan. “I’m still a tax payer in this community,” said Andrew Terhune. “I’m voting on what makes sense for my community and my family.”

One week out from election day, people on both sides of the issue have a message.

“If you’re on the fence you just have to look at does it make sense to raise your taxes to send your kid to school farther away,” said Terhune.

“A yes vote is a vote of confidence for the students. It says we value you, we value education, you are important to us, and we want to support you,” said Beggs.

The Wabaunsee County election office tells 27 News that they anticipate this bond issue question will motivate more people to come out and vote on election day.