Braun’s journey from Hayden to Washburn commit


Hayden High School’s Levi Braun is just flat out a bucket, maybe the best scorer in the whole area. He averaged over 20 a game his this past season, which earned him a scholarship from Washburn, but it didn’t come without putting in the work.

“You just become a great shooter by the reps and i’ve definitely put in a lot of reps with that, just a lot of time in the gym, ball handling shooting,  just a ton of stuff trying to work on my overall game,” Braun said.

When Hayden won the state title in 2018, he played a huge roll on that talented squad, but had to adjust when he was called on to be the main piece. 

“This year, yea it was more of a mindset of I don’t care whose guarding me, I’m going to do what I can to help the team win, but I’ve kinda had to grow into that.being an underclassman, I had a lot of talent around me, I learned a lot from those guys.”

That was easy compared to what he’d already adjusted to, his father passed away when he was in middle school, but he drew strength from the game and his support system.

“Basketball was right there, also my family, just have a lot of  siblings, mom is the strongest person i know.”

Braun has seven siblings, including two older brothers, and they made sure he was ready to compete at every level

“My two older brothers used to go crazy on me in the driveway. It used to really make me mad back then but looking back, it certainly made me the player I am today so I owe a lot to them.”

With all his accomplishments, his brothers are certainlyproud and although braun’s dad may not be able to be at the his future games, the topeka native knows he’ll always be watching

“I definitely want to make him proud, it’s always in the back of my mind knowing he’s watching from the best seat in the house, so I’ll definitely try and put on a show for him.”

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