Hours long standoff in Grantville ends without use of forced entry



UPDATE 10:30: The Jefferson County Sheriffs Office said they received conflicting witness statements. The person was only facing a misdemeanor so they did not want to do a forced entry to the home. Deputies made contact with the person and left the scene. No word on if an arrest was made.

PREVIOUS COVERAGE: Roads are blocked off in Grantville and there’s a heavy police presence in the small northeast Kansas communities.

According to Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Herrig, deputies are involved in a standoff with a man who has barricaded himself inside a home.

Herrig said deputies first responded to the area after several people called 911 claiming that a man was shooting a gun off around the town.

Once the man heard police sirens he then locked himself in the home, according to Herrig.

Deputies have roads around Front Street in Grantville blocked off at this time.

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