Brown v. Board open after being closed for more than a month


The Brown v. Board Historical Site is open again after being closed for more than 30-days.

The park said all of the employees returned to the historical site today. There were some federal employees who didn’t work during the 35-day partial government shut down. The shutdown ended on Friday.

Park employees said they’re ready to get back to work.

“Most individuals who signed up for this work know that it’s honorable work,” said Enimini Ekong, Chief of Interpretation and Education. “And so the opportunity to kind of get back to work, once again, just serving the American people. It speaks to the federal spirit of individuals who know that they want to serve the public.”

The park is changing their hours temporarily, to re-adjust after the shutdown. The park will now be closed on Sundays. They said the new hours will last through the end of March.

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