“Buck the dog” allowed outside, but still no decision on adoption


MANHATTAN, Kan (KSNT)  –  Despite mounting public pressure, the city of Manhattan still hasn’t made a decision about the future of a dog named “Buck”, currently sitting in a local animal shelter. Buck, a German Shorthaired Pointer, has been at the T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter for two weeks and only shelter employees are allowed to be in the same room as him.

“He seems to be healthy. He’s chasing the ball a lot right now, but he’d be doing a lot better if we could get him out of here,” said Chris Soupene, a Manhattan man who wants to adopt Buck.

The public is able to see Buck, but only through his cage in the shelter or a chain link fence. Shelter workers said it helps Buck feel more secure and is also a safety precaution.

Buck was brought to the shelter in April after a two-year-old girl at his last home. After a 10 day quarantine, Buck is now allowed to run around outside, but that’s as far as his freedom takes him. The city of Manhattan has not decided whether they will allow Buck to be adopted. Initially, they said the shelter does not adopt out dogs with aggressive behavior.

“We don’t know when or what’s going to happen to him. There’s a lot of people behind him and as you can see he’s a friendly dog,” said Soupene.

Manhattan City Manager Ron Fehr tells KSNT News that they are continuing to investigate Buck’s case. He said the city is conducting interviews, risk assessments and looking into his history. Fehr said they do not currently have a timeline for Buck’s investigation; however, Soupene said he’s been told it could be another two to three weeks.

“We’ve given a great alternative to the answer here and I’m frustrated that we’re not getting a timeline of when we can hopefully come to a resolution,” said Emily Fawcett, the owner of The Pampered Pet in Junction City.

Both Fawcett and Soupene have offered to sign liability waivers in order to get Buck out of the shelter. While they feel for Buck and Soupene, one shelter worker told KSNT News the public’s safety is ultimately their top priority.

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