Canada bans keeping whales and dolphins in captivity

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FILE- In this Jan. 18, 2014, file photo, an endangered female orca leaps from the water while breaching in Puget Sound west of Seattle, Wash. For years, scientists have identified dams, pollution and vessel noise as causes of the troubling decline of the Pacific Northwest’s resident killer whales. Now, they may have found a new […]

Canada’s House of Commons passed a bill Monday that makes it illegal to hold a whale, dolphin or porpoise captive.

There are currently only two aquariums in the country housing these animals — Marineland in Niagara Falls and the Vancouver Aquarium.

They’ll get to keep the animals they already have, but will not be allowed to add new ones through capture or breeding.

A violation of the law could cost up to $150,000.

The law, known as the “Free Willy” bill, was first passed by Canada’s senate in 2015.

Now that the House of Commons has approved it, the legislation is expected to gain “royal assent” — the Canadian equivalent of the president signing it into law.

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