The Capper Foundation is officially no longer the Easterseals Foundation.

Monday was the first day the Capper Foundation debuted their new look with their founding name.

The organization changed all of the signs outside, and most of the ones inside. Even changing the color of their brand to blue and green.

They also changed their mission statement to better reflect the values they believe in.

While the non-profit is going back to its roots, they are still serving the disabled community the best ways they can.

“Nothing’s going to change in terms of the quality of services that we provide,” said CEO and president Jim Leiker. “We will continue to adjust, and adapt. With new modalities and treatment models. And, again, making the mission work and making the money work, making good things happen for our entire community.”

They celebrated the change with an ice cream social, in the same way their founder, Arthur Capper, would when he would celebrate.