Chipotle bowls contain cancer-linked chemicals


FILE – In this Feb. 8, 2016, file photo, shows a sign for the Chipotle restaurant in Pittsburgh’s Market Square. hipotle, which is trying to revive its fortunes after being rattled by food safety scares, says a third of its board members will leave in May after their terms expire. In a filing Friday, March […]

(CNN) – The bowls at Chipotle have become a staple for the restaurant but a new report is drawing some big concerns about them.

The new Food Economy said it found the fiber bowls are exposed to chemicals that can lead to cancer.

The study said the bowls are treated with PFA’s, also called forever chemicals.

It helps bowls hold hot, wet and greasy food.

The EPA said those compounds do not break down in the human body and they can accumulate over time. The chemicals also seep into the soil as the bowls break down, leading to toxic compost.

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