Cicadas summer song coming to an end soon


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – As summer comes to a close, hotter temperatures aren’t the only thing that will fizzle out.

Cicadas, the bugs known for the loud buzzing you hear during the summer months, will be quieting down soon.

Dennis Dinwiddie, Director of Education and Conservation at the Topeka Zoo, said Cicadas make the sound to attract mates.

He said you’ll probably be hearing it for at least another month.

“When you get enough of them doing that, it can sound almost like a jet engine in a small area,” said Dinwiddie. “So, right now there are just a whole lot of those guys beating those wings really fast against each other and make a loud buzzing noise trying to attract a mate.”

Dinwiddie said there are several different species of Cicadas in Kansas and the ones you’re hearing are known as the Dog Days Cicadas.

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