Commissioners approve $48 million renovation for the Kansas Expocentre


What was originally laid out as a $54 million renovation to the Kansas Expocentre has been trimmed  to $48 million.
The massive project involves an expansion to the Expo Hall, the Equine Arena, as well as work on the parking lot.

“We will be able to identify 6.5 million dollars worth of savings like I said without greatly impacting the overall scope of the project,” said Scott Kimzey, estimating executive for McCown Gordon construction.
The budget that they were aiming for was $45 million, $3 million under what they say it would cost to build it.

The options were to either not do some of the builds or get $3 million some other way.

The commissioners considered the idea of taking $3 million that was set aside for the Parks and Rec. Department to use and give it to the Expocentre. Some members of the public were not happy with that idea.

“You added $7.5 million of financing cost on the top of this project. If a county department head did this, it would be completely unacceptable to you and as a tax payer. This is completely unacceptable to me,” said Carol Marple.

“This has not been a well vetted process in how we’ve had this major discussion about this facility,” said Joseph Ledbetter.

Despite their concerns the commission decided to go ahead with the plan in a 2 to 1 vote.
If you would like to see the plan, CLICK HERE.

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